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       We purchase homes in Killeen within 7 days without Agents.
       Sell your house now, then rent back until you are ready to move.
       You get a fair price close to what agents are able to do for you.
       its-wise to avoid the costly mistakes of playing the waiting game.
       Avoid hassles and a long costly process. Get your cash at closing.

Avoid the most costly mistake home sellers make,
by waiting 3 to 6 months or longer to sell the house.

 We Buy Houses Fast.  We are BBB accredited and A+ rated.

also Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton, Temple.
The Fort Hood area is our local focus, we also buy from
military members who PCS or ETS,  quickly if needed.
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buy every home, but we will work to be helpful, its-wise

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​              You now have found the way
              to bypass the middlemen and
              avoid a long costly process.
              Our services are Free of charge.
              We could be your best option.

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  Frank Pelanek, retired US Army, is our Killeen manager.
  No Signs on Your Front Lawn. No Agents to deal with.
  No Open Houses.  No Fees, No Commissions.  Avoid
  numerous showings, countless hassles, 
inability of a
  buyer to close on their loan due to a late payment, a
  credit card application, or a large purchase changing
  their debt to income ratio does happen. These kinds
  of contingencies can stop the whole end process at the
  Last Minute and must be avoided. We are not agents
  and you will NEVER pay us any commissions or fees.
  We use private funds, so your sale will not depend 
  any bank approvals.  We can arrange for you to stay in
  the house after the closing, and then move into your
  new home when YOU are ready. We Are Professionals
  and we know how to get the job done right in Killeen.

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​​   You don't need to hope a buyer will come along, we are the buyer.
   Don't List your house,  SELL your house, then move when ready.
 -No Waiting -No Hassles -Any Condition -Your Money at Closing

My home sold fast...... sounds too good to be true?
"Our home had been listed with Agents for 3 months.
We had numerous showings which resulted in a great
deal of inconvenience and we had zero offers to buy.
We received an All American Home Buyers postcard.
We were then 
able to sell our old house, then close
on our new home. We owe them many thanks and wholeheartedly recommend their services"    its-wise
~Steve & Pam K.    "Free Report" for more references

Services are Free of charge -> we pay all closing costs.
Title companies who prepare the documents are the
same ones doing the same work for real estate agents.
Call  1-855-itsWise   for a 24 hour recorded message 

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 Nearly 4 million Americans are 60 days behind on their